Saturday, 25 February 2012

Number Six - Feedback

Morning! (Very early morning!)

It's been an eventful week. I've been beyond busy at work, drawing and causing annoyance to many engineers. All good fun. If a little stressful. It's also been my birthday (Wednesday), and my Dad's birthday (Friday).

I went out to a wee restaurant called "Josephine's" on Wednesday with my beautiful girl-friends for an amazing meal of tapas and a lot of booze! If you ever come up to ABZ or already live here then head there. It's very informal, not the place to take your first date. Keith, the owner, is fantastic, has great banter, and is an excellent chef. I had the Prawns in balsamic oil and honey, which was absolutely beautiful, bit of a gamble as I'm not the biggest fan of honey. And I also had the rosemary potatoes with chilli sauce, which was extremely spicy. I actually also had my Valentines Day meal at Josephine's. Got a bit greedy to be honest - Gambas Pil Pil (prawns in chilli oil with garlic), saut├ęd potatoes and chorizo with a baked egg, Basque chicken AND chorzio stovies. If you don't know what traditional stovies is check HERE . As a child I hated it because I was forced to eat it, but oh my G it's nice.

Tapas & Vodka at The Famous Josephine's

Today my parents took me and my other half to a restaurant in ABZ called 'La Boheme'. I could cry. French food is easily the best in the World. Argue all you want. Point and laugh if you so wish. It's amazing. And no, it's not all frog's legs and snails. I had Pigeon to start, with some apple and something puree and mustard mash. Then I had Duck Confit. Suuuuuuuuuper unhealthy, but absolutely beautiful. If you ever have it, don't be a wuss and leave the it. So tasty.

So anyway, this isn't really a recipe addition to the blog (however I might add one straight after this), but I just made my Butter Bean / Chorizo / Spinach thing for a couple of my chums (yes at 1am, I just about chopped my finger off!). And they really enjoyed it. So they said. I've played around with the recipe since I posted it. I've tried it with 450ml chicken stock, and tonight 350ml. I think 350ml is the perfect amount, and about 60 / 65 g Chorizo. I also added more spinach. I'm just gutted I didn't keep a bowl for myself!! I didn't have any 'special bread' handy, so they made do with some loaf. My mate on the left actually even dropped his on the ground, then continued to dip it in his leftover broth...was clearly hungry!

Better than a kebab :)

Anyway, one of my said chums commented on how you could put chorizo in anything...even cakes. Weird. So I came up with a brainwave. Chorizo Scones. Googled it. Someone, of course, has already been there. Damn. I'm going to try it anyway. Watch this space..............
Smutch x

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