Saturday, 21 January 2012

Number One.

Hello all, or none.

Ok, I'm slightly embarrassed writing my first post for the following two reasons:
  1. I might be slightly boozy...
  2. The fact that people I know may actually read this....AARGH!!
Right.........anyhoo, I suppose you should learn some more about moi. So, my name is Sarah. I am currently twenty-one years, ten months and twenty-one days old. Nearly twenty-two. Obviously. I have lived in the North East of bonny Scotland my entire life.

Scotland is a love/hate relationship. I know people rave on about how beautiful Scotland is. And you may think this is all a pile of rubbish, but really, I am incredibly proud to be Scottish. It is a beautiful country, and if you don't live here or haven't been - COME. I'm not going to bore anyone (or nobody) with how amazing the food is here. And now for the embarrassing facts:
  •  I am picky. Beyond picky. I struggle to enjoy fruit or veg. (Except Carrots, I like Carrots).
  • I love junk food. Love it. Especially pizza!
  • I hate 'bits'. (Yoghurt 'Bits' especially).
  • I don't like Haggis, a typically Scottish food. 
  • I also really don't like fish. I'll eat prawns, but that's it as far as seafood goes!
So I'm really quite picky. This is partly why I'm learning to cook. I need to force myself to try new things. And I'm really sick of ready meals from my local supermarket.

Sorry I have dragged on. To be honest I am away to post my first recipe too....but oh well...nobody is reading this anyway. I suppose on the World Wide Web you can write whatever the heck you want. It has taken a huge amount of courage for a rookie amateur like me to post rubbish like this. So please laugh, hate, love, enjoy......criticism welcome. Within reason! I'm a sensitive wee thing!

Smutch x

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